James outside Salmon Arm
Welcome to my website. I’m James Dewar.
I love writing and I enjoy teaching the craft of writing. I particularly enjoy inspiring writers to finish projects and get them published, traditionally or through self-publication and website portals.
Whether it’s short fiction, a full length novel, freelance nonfiction, web writing, poetry, blogs, or anything else, I enjoy the disparate forms that writing generates and I encourage writers to explore the multiplicity of expression available to them.
Where do interesting ideas begin? How do we get out of the way and encourage those feelings and stories churning inside us to emerge as workable first drafts?
What does it take to revisit, then edit and perfect a work of art until it is publishable? How do we identify our own weaknesses and strengths, and then design a craft development regimen?
Writing is an art. All artists need some talent, ongoing dedication, and consistent energy to improve over the long haul.
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