Publishing Credits

Prose and Poetry

Whispered Words, An Anthology of Outstanding Prose
2012. ISBN 978-1-927396-01-8. Edited by Heather O’Connor.
1 Short Story: Sinner.

Tuesday’s Child, Poems from the Blue Heron
ISBN: 978-0-9865850-5-0. Piquant Press, self-published 2011.
3 poems: Flashback; Uncle Bill Died in Korea; Earthly Reign.

Being Unquiet
Selected Poetry and Prose from the Pat Schneider 2011 Workshop.
ISBN: 978-0-9865850-9-8. Piquant Press, self published, 2011.
3 poems: Sister Theresa; Ten Lakes; I Dropped By.

On My Poppy, Poems of Remembrance
an anthology, 2011. ISBN 978-0-9866539-1-9.
2 poems: What I Lost; I Never Hug My Dad (a revision of the poem previously published in The Garden in the Machine, 2007).

From the Cottage Porch
an anthology of short stories and poetry,
ISBN 978-0-9809444-1-9. Sunshine in a Jar Press, 2011.
1 poem: Finding the Sameness.

Misunderstandings Magazine
Vol. 14, 2010,
1 poem: “The Wanderer” (my translation from the Anglo Saxon)

Spilling to the Sky, A CCLA Art and Lit Fest Poetry Anthology
ISBN 978-1-897475-41-6. Hidden Brook Press, 2009, Edited by Doug Roy.
3 poems: DeSoto After 90 Days; Dirt Poor; Remembering Love (co-written with Doug Roy)

Book of Thighs Poetry Anthology
ISBN 978-0-9735308-6-5. Published by DKM Publishing, 2008.
1 poem: Two Day Shadow.

OPUS III – A Conspiracy in XV Variations Poetry Anthology
ISBN 2: 978-0-9732411-9-8. (Aeolus House, 2008)
6 poems: Spinning; Brazil; Bring Me the Sunset in a Cup; Capitalism; Dance Macabre; The Princess I Ate.

Erotic poetry chapbook, self-published, co-authored with Susan Lynn Reynolds
2007. ISBN: 0-9738277-0-3. CreativeJames Publishing, 2007
12 erotic poems in total:
8 solo: Valentine; Interlusciousness, Visit You; We Do; Driver’s Seat; No Ferns in the Meadow; Please; I Would venture into Any Wood.
(4 poems co-written with Susan Lynn Reynolds: This Bed Built for Monks; Tell me of Yourself; Cloaks and Masks; I can’t Wait;

Labour of Love #27
2007 Poetry anthology, edited by Norman Cristofoli.
2 poems: Princess I Ate; Jealousy.

The Word Weaver
Poetry Contest – co-winner – March 2007.
1 poem: Bring Me the Sunset in a Cup.

The Garden in the Machine
My first book of poetry (87 pages)
2007. ISBN: 978-1-894553-86-5. Published by Hidden Brook Press
Introduction by editor, Allan Briesmaster.

Renaissance Reloaded Poetry Anthology
ISBN 2: 0-9732411-4-4. (Aeolus House, 2006)
9 poems: Sonnet in the Desert; Jealousy; Rod and Staff; In Love; Leaves; All This Fuss; Hitting the Headboard; Ache, Heart, Ache; Home From the Horror Show.

The Word Weaver
Poetry Contest – co-winner – March 2006.
1 poem: A Urination Furpithing.

Guys in Garages
poetry chapbook,
ISBN: 0-9738277-0-X. Self-published 2005. CreativeJames Publishing
9 poems: Guys in Garages; Workaholic; Man’s Man; Temagami; Two Guys Tour the Northlands (excerpt); Pike Caught; Bar Bells; Pornographic Geographic; Beer Case.

The Word Weaver
Short story contest winner, 2005
1 short story: Engagement.

Quills Lust issue Erotic Poetry Anthology
1 poem: Mesa.

Renaissance Conspiracy Poetry Anthology
ISBN 1: 0-9734609-2-X. (Micro Prose, 2004)
8 poems: Raking the Bed; Temagami; Workaholic: Some Birds Fly; Irving Layton; Swallows; Downtown Addicts; Youth.

Anvil Blood
4 poems. (Includes a foreword and 3 poems by anthology editor, Irving Layton)
1973. York University Press.
6 poems: Youth; David; 139061 – Lost in the Memorial; Portrait; Bus Stop; Inherit the Earth.